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Born in Coatbridge, Scotland

Stephen has extensive experience in the art and business world. Upon completion of his post-secondary education, Stephen studied fine arts while managing a commercial pottery studio. Later, he successfully completed a five-year apprenticeship as a furrier in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 1973, Stephen immigrated to Canada in order to train employees of a leather company in manufacturing techniques. Before opening a fine arts gallery (Atlantic Arts Ltd.) in St. John's, Newfoundland, Stephen created his own Fur Fashion House. At this time he was commissioned by the Government of Canada to design and manufacture a line of fashion garments for a permanent display in Ottawa. Stephen was a participant in the Hong Kong and Montreal International Fur Shows and has attended international leather shows in both North America and Italy.

For over ten years Stephen has developed and designed industrial courses for colleges and private business (Canada and UK) and has five years teaching experience with the New Brunswick Community College, Department of Training and Employment Development. In addition to a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies, he has a Bachelor of Adult Education. With his experience and strong leadership skills and his understanding of group dynamics and adult learning principles he has participated in successful, collaborative, multi-disciplinary team approaches to adult teaching within creative learning environments. 

Stephen has acted as consultant to the Federal Government Departments of Fisheries and Oceans, National Research Council and a number of Newfoundland provincial government departments. Recent projects involve the Newfoundland Department of Rural Renewal, New Brunswick's Rural Development, the Business Development Bank of Canada, and The Greater Fredericton Economic Development Corporation. Stephen has a solid 15 year record in retail business as an entrepreneur and a consultant in private industry for product marketing, IT specialist work and computer software development.

After moving to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1998, Stephen taught CAD studies at the college level  using  NedGraphics Fashion Studio and U4ia while completing his BE.d. in adult education. In 2005, Stephen was honoured to become the first graduate of the new Master of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of New Brunswick. He continues to work as a textile designer and graphic artist for the apparel and home decor markets. Stephen's current area of research in the teaching felid is VLE pedagogy, by designing and developing sets of learning objects that can be manipulated in real time for groups and subgroups of learners.